Monday, November 26, 2012


(I'm the one on the left)
The beginning: I'm a practical gal. I tend to wear clothing that's comfortable. I don't normally wear make up of any kind on my face. I don't wear perfume. I'm just not materialistic. My signature outfit is t-shirt, hoodie and jeans. Yup, I'm just plain ol' Jane. I don't like spending a lot of money on clothing either.

The Transformation: Over the past few months, I've been slowly reinventing myself. I got my hair cut and dyed recently, I have dark brown hair (again) and bangs (again). Instead of the simple blue jeans, I purchased some colorful Se7en jeans at TJ Maxx for only $30 (whatta deal!). On my birthday, my mother took me on a very rare & special shopping spree to Target. I bought my first lipstick (Revlon Raspberry Pie), some liquid eye liner (not sure how that works quite yet though), two different eye shadows (day & night) and some concealer that actually is the same color as my skin! I never realized how white I was until I bought this concealer. Ha! I just love the way I look in this make up! :) I'm slowly updating my wardrobe. I'm in the process of a personal weight loss challenge, so I'm trying not to do lots of shopping right now but when I get to my goal weight I plan on taking myself out on a shopping spree and buying lots of cute & stylish clothing :)

Anyone else a make up virgin? ;)

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