Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday weekend.

I am officially half a century old. I spent the weekend with my loved ones. My boyfriend took me out to a really nice dinner at Rye and we came home to a small gathering of my friends and family in our home. We had a lovely evening.

Here's a few photos from my perfect birthday weekend.
 My best friend, Kelsey and me.
 My boyfriend, me and my dad :)

 Three generations. My grandma, mom and me.

 Another one of us.. we're pretty awesome, we know ;)

My new hair cut and color, and necklace from Kelsey.
 Gift from my boyfriend, a brand new bike!!! I was so surprised!
oh and that rug is new too
 Birthday bouquets:
left: from my boyfriend, Josiawa.
right: from my mom <3
 One of the birthday desserts that evening. Chocolate from Rye.
make a wish

This is how I started my birthday morning.. with sun! after a whole night time of down pour!

I had a great birthday, I do feel older. Thank you for all the birthday wishes <3

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