Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello reader! I'd like to introduce you to our house, Mabel. She's a small cottage that looks like she's straight out of a fairy tale. She was built in the 1930s with hardwood floors through out, antique built ins and a breakfast nook. She's light yellow with a purple trim. She has a small private backyard that welcomes in a few neighborhood strays. She's the perfect little house for us. 

Here's just a few of my favorite details..

Detail #1: Built in Bookshelves
Cookbooks, my vintage camera collection + bird candles.

Details #2: The Plaque
One day we were wandering our yard and we found this plaque between the garden boxes under our kitchen window. A hidden plaque with our house's name on it! How charming! :)

Detail #3: Magic Crystals
I love crystals. This is only a few from our collection. I keep these on the window seal because I love the way the light shines through them. 

Detail #4: Viva la Vintage
If you couldn't tell already, I really like cameras. Especially vintage cameras. In fact, I collect them! 

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P.S. You may be wondering.. well, where did we get the name Mabel? We know our lady lady personally, and the previous tenants as well. They told us that was her name, and my boyfriend thought he would want to change it but ever since we moved in.. we decided she was a Mabel, indeed. Quirky, cute and 80+ years old! ;)

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