Monday, January 28, 2013

Great advice.

So far, this year has been eye opening. I have had potential business offers but I've turned most of them down because I know they aren't right for me or I'm not there yet. I just read some great advice on A Beautiful Mess blog. Emma states,  

"Wouldn't be cool if every single day we faced big opportunities that could change our lives? What if every day was the Olympic race we'd been training for or the job interview we'd been dreaming of for years? Guess what, it's not. Every day is just that: It's every day. But it's the little steps that propel us forward. The same attitude you would apply to a big important event, that's how you should approach your everyday tasks. For example, let's say your dream was to write a novel. And you think, "If only I had a book deal, then I would wake up early every day and write." Wrong. You should do that anyway, without a book deal. You've got to have the attitude of the inspired even if you don't have the circumstances (yet)." - Emma, ABM

What I took from this advice was that if I wanted to be a better photographer, I have to practice more! Even though I have however many years of experience, I lack a current portfolio. I have to feel comfortable with skills before I am the photographer of my dreams.

Her entire article is inspiring and uplifting. I recommend it if you're in need of some inspiration or you're a big dreamer, like me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sneak Peak: Website

Hi there! So, if you don't already know.. I take photos and I'M MAKING A WEBSITE. I'm really excited about it too. I've been in the design process for about a week now. I'm getting together all the materials I need to make a successful business and studio. I'm learning a lot about my pricing and what I wanna do as a photographer. I'm really excited to get back into making fine art photography and getting into galleries around town. :) I can't wait to have a gallery opening, that has been my dream for a very long time. So, here's what I came up with so far:

I chose the cursive font because it's nostalgic for me. Reminds me of my childhood and it's how my dad writes cursive. When I made the "o" it looked like an "a" so, I found a cute heart to replace it. Do we like that, or is it too childish? Like I said, this is the design process. So, any feedback helps! Thanks! <3

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Good

photo by @sierragrosss on IG
"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me. And I'm feeling good." - Muse

Ever since 2013 started, things have been falling into place and that warms my heart.

- Once I decided take it slow with my photography business, I knew that was the right decision because I started getting calls from possible new clients and  that reassures me, as well as excites me.
- We're finally done painting our bedroom, so we'll FINALLY set up our bed and our whole room this week. I'm so excited to have a real bedroom! No more crawling over each other in the middle of the night. Ha!
- I will FINALLY have a space of my own! My office/studio will finally get built! I can't even describe how lucky I feel. I feel pretty darn blessed.
- I purchased something to expand my mind and warm my soul. Something so fantastic in my eyes, that I'm going to keep it to myself for a while until I'm ready to share it with the world.
- My baby fever has finally calmed down, because I have lots of friends with babies and I know that we're not ready to have a kid just yet.
- I'm really noticing a difference between being 25 and being 24. It's crazy how your mind just changes.
- I'm really happy with my decision to cancel my Beachbody membership. Beachbody's great if you're into that sorta thing, but my life is taking me in a different direction and I'm happy with that. I quit because I needed more time to focus on my photography.. and myself. :)

Have you felt any changes so far into the new year? What decisions have you made so far that were life changing or significant? How are your resolutions going?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book now!

Currently scheduling photo sessions for January! Weekend spots available! Message me on my facebook page to book a shoot today! If you live in the Eugene/Springfield area, I'm available for engagement/couples photos, weddings, families, children, aspiring models, clothing/jewelry designers, product, food, etc :) Thank you! And I look forward to hearing for you!

Two Years of Love

Josiawa and I have been together for two of the most wonderful years of my life :) Words can't even explain how happy I am in this relationship. We're best friends. We're goofs. I like to believe that we were made for each other. :)
I love looking back at old photos and seeing the changes.

Winter 2011 

Spring 2011 

Winter 2012

Autumn 2012

Now <3

Here's to another two years and beyond <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I take photos: highlights of 2012

Here's a few of my favorite photo shoots that I shot during 2012. For more photos, please take a look at my facebook business page

Maternity shoot with my boyfriend's sister; My first wedding!

Child portraits

My first lifestyle shoot for; Family shoot with my Aunt Kelly and cousins.

Product shoot with Fancy Clancy.

2012 was full of adventures. I look forward to having more photographs under my belt in 2013 and having my studio up and running. I can't wait!