Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Good

photo by @sierragrosss on IG
"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me. And I'm feeling good." - Muse

Ever since 2013 started, things have been falling into place and that warms my heart.

- Once I decided take it slow with my photography business, I knew that was the right decision because I started getting calls from possible new clients and  that reassures me, as well as excites me.
- We're finally done painting our bedroom, so we'll FINALLY set up our bed and our whole room this week. I'm so excited to have a real bedroom! No more crawling over each other in the middle of the night. Ha!
- I will FINALLY have a space of my own! My office/studio will finally get built! I can't even describe how lucky I feel. I feel pretty darn blessed.
- I purchased something to expand my mind and warm my soul. Something so fantastic in my eyes, that I'm going to keep it to myself for a while until I'm ready to share it with the world.
- My baby fever has finally calmed down, because I have lots of friends with babies and I know that we're not ready to have a kid just yet.
- I'm really noticing a difference between being 25 and being 24. It's crazy how your mind just changes.
- I'm really happy with my decision to cancel my Beachbody membership. Beachbody's great if you're into that sorta thing, but my life is taking me in a different direction and I'm happy with that. I quit because I needed more time to focus on my photography.. and myself. :)

Have you felt any changes so far into the new year? What decisions have you made so far that were life changing or significant? How are your resolutions going?

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