Monday, December 3, 2012

Sol Botanicals: Places I Love

Sol Botanicals is a small local apothecary & coffee shop at 383 W. 3rd Ave. in Eugene, OR. In the neighborhood of Tactics Boardshop, Ron's Island Grill, REI + Bounce Gymnastics. Owned by my dear friend Felicia and her partner Ryan. What's great about this little place is that they're original. They blend their own tea & make their own honey. They make organic smoothies and are now serving espressos, steamers and hot chocolate. Today I went in and tried their Vanilla Bliss Steamer with their house made Aphrodite Honey. The honey had [rose hips, cacao nibs and cardamom] in it. It was the most delicious and creamy thing I've ever had! Dairy Free options! It's a great place to shop for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! If you're in the area, check them out! SHOP LOCAL.

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  1. oooo! You made it look so very nice, thanks for the positive words!
    We love "Shurya"---Rolland style!


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